Wanted: Flight001’s toiletry bag is the best around

Ziploc bags are meant for baby carrots, not sunblock. After tossing out too many toiletries and cursing baggies that wouldn’t stay zipped, I looked for another solution and found it at Flight 001, the funky travel gear stockist.

Not long after I started using this bag for my toiletries, a security agent at an airport picked it up from the bin I’d just placed it in and inspected it. Everything was above board — the dimensions (7.125in x 5in x 2in) make it difficult to smuggle, say, a 150 mL bottle of cream — so I knew why she was really taking a closer look: She wanted one for herself.

This durable plastic Carry-on Quart Bag is a miniature medicine cabinet, housing all I need for my morning and bedtime routines while on the road. It’s travelled the world with me, miraculously containing spills and keeping me organized and therefore sane. After extensive use over 12 months, though, the zipper separated from the plastic. I had a private panic attack, found some heavy-duty glue and attempted surgery. Good as new. I will never use a Ziploc again, and neither should you.

US$10, flight001.com

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