Wanted: Shekhtwoman’s rings take you around the world

Sure, you can wear your heart on your sleeve, but why not also your city on your finger? Thanks to these rings from Russian-born, Cary, North Carolina-based jewellery designer Ola Shekhtman, you can have the world in — or on — your hand.

Shekhtman studied goldsmithing and 3-D modelling while perfecting her craft and, via computer and 3-D printing, designs a range of jewellery, from brooches to pendants, but her speciality is rings. Her eye for detail in her Cityscape collection, a series of rings that pay tribute to several cities around the world, is incredible, with loops of metal connected by delicately etched monuments.

Available in a variety of materials — sterling silver, gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum — Shekhtman engraves landmarks on the full circumference of every ring so that every view of each piece offers something different. Her Amsterdam ring has a bicycle tucked in the doorway of a building, while Chicago’s has perhaps the most adorable Bean replica there ever was. Shekhtman’s Rome ring features the Colosseum, of course, but also a tiny version of Pietro Bracci’s statue of Ocean, which overlooks Trevi Fountain. London, with Big Ben and the London Eye, is her best seller.

The collection currently consists of 15 cities, with more in the works (Florence, Barcelona and Philadelphia will be available soon). Travellers may very well wish they hand three hands on which to wear them all. 

shekhtwoman.etsy.com; from $114.65 

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