Wanted: Effortless travel art from Printstagram

Admit it, you have a fantastic photo log of your travels… on your phone. It’s time to emancipate those shots — the one from the top of Table Mountain, the hawker market in Singapore, the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik. My favourite means of doing so: Print Studio (né Printstagram). It’s a full-service online shop that turns your Instagram shots (or any other images you upload) into any number of things: books, framed prints, greeting cards and magnets.

I had a couple years’ worth of selected travel shots turned into a 20×30-inch poster. Not only was I blown away by the quality of the final product — thick paper stock, vibrant colours, speedy delivery — I loved the TLC with which my travel memories were packaged. But it was the fun, funny missives sent to me before my print arrived that truly made me fall hard for this company. From order confirmation to the note packed in with my shipment, Print Studio sent me adorable little sweet nothings that had personality and heart, and that proved the company did as well. (Case in point, this note from customer service email: “P.P.S. Feel free to tell your friends about us! We haven’t built a ‘social share’ system yet and we still have faith in organic modes of contact between human beings.”)

It is a proudly independent business — the concept for Printstagram began as a performance art piece (!) — and wants its customers to know there are humans behind the interface: real people who see your photos, share your moments and send your prints off with care.

Get those photos off your phone and on your wall, and do it with these guys and girls.

Products from US$10, Printstagr.am

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