Wanted: Mr. Zog’s Sexwax candle brings the beach home

When I can’t book a flight to escape to the sand and surf, I pour a glass of rum and bring the sand and surf to me.

Mr. Zog’s Sexwax candle smells like a good time (I particularly covet the coconut scent). When you’re not in a position to press your face up against a freshly washed surfboard and slowly, deeply inhale, this is the next best thing. The candles are not only created from the same dyes and scents that the company uses in its famed surfboard wax, but are made in Mr. Zog’s Carpinteria, Calif., factory using the exact drums, dispensers and moulds used to make its board wax. Conveniently, Carpinteria is also a stone’s throw from Santa Barbara, is a classic American surf town.

Available in coconut, strawberry or grape scents, Sexwax candles have lead-free wicks, burn for up to 30 hours and come packaged in cute and clear reusable four-ounce glass jars. When you can’t jet off to somewhere fabulous, light it up at home for some vicarious travel. And make that rum a double.

$9, sexwax.com

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