Wanted: Rad Roller for feel-good travel

So much of travel is sedentary. Waiting for planes and trains, clocking hours in flight and sleeping on unforgivable mattresses can all wreak havoc on our muscles and posture. Travel can be a pain, literally.

If you can’t travel with a personal masseuse, get yourself a Rad Roller. This is the next best thing to an on-demand full-body massage — a little peanut-shaped patent-pending contraption designed to closely replicate the touch of a trained massage therapist anytime and anywhere. By rolling on it for only a few seconds at whatever spot ails you, it provides controlled, acute pain release by freeing up pesky restricted fascia surrounding muscles and joints. The result? Stiff muscles are soothed and unlocked, and circulation and mobility are improved.

The Rad Roller was designed in tandem by a bio-mechanic and a triathlete, so you’re in good hands (figuratively speaking). The original is made from rubber, and there’s a softer version, made from silicone, for those who prefer a more delicate touch. Both are portable and easily packable, light and a cinch to wipe down if they get covered in crumbs from the bottom of your carry-on.

If plagued by stiffness from sitting for hours, try focusing on rolling the I.T. bands, glutes and hip flexors. You can even get some salvation in-flight by putting it under one hip and rolling around. It might look silly, but who cares when your bottom is getting massaged at 37,000 feet? Just be prepared for the person sitting beside you to ask for a turn.

US$24.99; radroller.com

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