Wanted: Saje’s Pocket Pharmacy

When Vancouver motorbike racer Jean-Pierre LeBlanc found himself suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic pain after a car accident, the medications he was prescribed didn’t help. He began exploring natural remedies, studied aromatherapy and is now co-founder of Saje Natural Wellness, which produces a line of products ranging from essential oils to anti-bacterial hand cream and skin care, with more than 22 Saje stores across Canada.

The best, portable cross-section of the line can be found in the Pocket Pharmacy, which contains five roll-on essential-oil blends, lined up and ready to tackle every ailment that a traveller could be threatened by. Peppermint Halo is designed to be applied around the head to combat headaches (but also works if that trip to Tulum saw you overindulge in the local Anejos); Immune to be applied on the glands to help avoid sickness; Eater’s Digest to tackle perhaps the worst part of travelling; Pain Release for muscular tension; and Stress Release for when traffic to the airport has your nails bitten to the quick.

The fact that the pocket itself is perfectly sized (smaller than a cellphone) and dressed up like a postcard makes it worth writing home about all the more.

$49.95, saje.ca

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