Wanted: Saviour Snacks is the ultimate airplane food

Eating healthily while on the road is an ambitious task — airports and train stations the world over are filled with walls of refined flour and sugar in various forms. What’s a traveller to do when all he or she wants is a piece of fruit or some unsalted nuts to snack on? Things get more challenging when sitting in a plane. Often, passengers are given options of only chips, chocolate or soggy toasted sandwiches. Fortunately — and finally — London-based Saviour Snacks is coming to the rescue.

Available on private-jet company Globe Air and due to appear on in-flight menus of more airlines in the coming months (the company recently had a contract with EasyJet; we hope it’s renewed ASAP), Saviour Snacks’ individual snack boxes are comprised of six different sweet and savoury eats, each selected by a nutritionist and each less than 150 calories. And, all of the snacks on offer are free of artificial additives, colours and preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, MSG and trans fats.

Nakd (cereal bars), Bounce (protein balls) and Kallo (rice cakes) are some of the brands found in the snack boxes, and each box comes with a nutritional write up indicating which snacks are meant for which diets (vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.). Best of all, these items are all travel size, so if you’re not sharing the box with a companion, the snacks can be tossed in your carry-on for later during your trip. Imagine, healthy food on a plane! Flying is about to feel a whole lot better. 

£4.50/€5, savioursnacks.com 

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