A meal at Whistler’s Splitz Grill is a nostalgic treat

Splitz Grill
4369 Main St., Whistler, B.C.
1-604-938-9300, splitzgrill.com

The Pitch Whistler Village is ground zero for munchies, with hordes of wiped skiers and snowboarders descending the hills in search of hearty fuel to keep the snowbound fun going. While there’s an array of fast-food outlets peppered throughout the area, there’s no better spot for quality grease than Splitz Grill. Opened in 1997, the tiny 10-seat burger restaurant eventually expanded to take over the space next door and now serves up a beloved roster of huge homemade burgers with more toppings than might seem medically advisable. In fact, the restaurant revels in excess, posting the feats of various extreme eaters on its walls (you will believe a man can eat 20 pounds of beef and poutine in one sitting).

What We Love A visit to Splitz is a nostalgic treat. True, no one sings at Splitz (thank goodness … doubtless some patrons are shaking off a hangover or three), but the restaurant’s emphasis on made-from-scratch burgers, ultra-friendly staff and piles and piles of free toppings (from the pedestrian pickles and fried onions to alfalfa sprouts and tzatziki) are reminiscent of the gluttonous good ol’ days.

Don’t Miss If you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, the Salt Spring Island lamb burger — laced with fresh mint and garlic — is a gamey, delicious twist on the standard. Top it with aged cheddar, sauteed mushrooms and as many items as your stomach/bun/will to live can handle. Side it with Splitz Fries (poutine, but with shredded cheddar instead of curds) and one of the restaurant’s many revolving beers (yes, it’s licensed!) and you’ll be sitting pretty.

Entrees from $6, beers from $5

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