The Perfect Day: Kortney and Dave Wilson help us navigate Nashville

A country music duo turned real estate experts, Kortney and Dave Wilson star in the upcoming show Masters of Flip. Scouting Music City for old and rundown homes, by flipping houses the Wilsons breathe new life into the structures and their neighbourhoods. They not only know the music scene, but also how and where the city is growing, and are the best people we can think of to tour us through an ideal day in Nashville.

Breakfast with a splash of Bourbon  “Because we have so many coffee shops it really would be a waste to not at least visit a couple in 24 hours. Barista Parlour has the best coffee, the best Bourbon latte, and the most insane cheese and egg biscuit  I’ve ever had in my entire life [the Moto Biscuit],” says Kortney. “She’s saying they’re good,” Dave adds with a laugh.

Get your body moving “After breakfast, walk over the Shelby Street Bridge,” says Dave. “There’s a walking bridge that goes downtown, which was rebuilt after the tornado of ’98 and is just gorgeous. And that is definitely the best way to get there, because you don’t have to pay to park downtown. Park at the stadium [LP Field], walk across the bridge and there are lots of really cool things. Riverfront Park is just beautiful, and I would visit Honky Tonks during the day if you’re a family (go at night if you are ready to kick it up a notch), but you have to go to Radnor Lake. It takes about an hour to walk around the main hiking trail and most people who come to Nashville don’t know about it. There are deer — it’s absolutely gorgeous,” Kortney says. “And it’s 10 minutes from downtown, but you feel like you’re in a different part of the world. Beautiful,” Dave adds.

Lunch that will make you wobble  “If you want a true Southern experience, Monelle’s in Germantown is outstanding. You could be seated with anybody, but they basically just keep the food coming until you wobble out of there. The cornbread pudding is the best in Nashville,” Kortney says. “That’s what gives you the wobble. And once you walk out of that place, you can walk to the farmers’ market,” says Dave.

The farmers’ market has undergone a crazy transformation over the last few years

Music, ice cream and some spice  “The farmers’ market, which is off Rosa L. Parks Boulevard, has undergone a crazy transformation over the last few years. They’re trying to make it all local vendors now, and because it’s Nashville they always have little bands playing out front, which is kind of cool. And if you’re still hungry, they have Jeni’s ice cream, which in my opinion is the best ice cream in the entire world,” Kortney explains. “It’s true,” Dave says, adding, “And they have a world market inside. There’s an outdoor pavilion where all the farmers come to sell their seasonal stuff, but when you’re inside the farmers’ market, you can eat whatever you feel like. There’s Indian food, Thai food, there’s a Mexican place. There are all these little vendors and stores where you can buy spices.”

Shop till you drop, or at least work off lunch “As far as shopping you have to hit two places,” says Kortney. “Go to downtown Franklin, it’s literally on Civil War ground and has lots of antique shops, cozy pastry shops, a movie theatre — everything from jewellery to antiques. And then if you want to go back to West Nashville for clothing United Apparel Liquidators is a little hole in the wall that buys up overstock from other companies, even designer to couture, and everything’s 80% off. Yeah, some of it’s from last season, but most of it’s current. If you know designers and the people who are dressing all the celebrities, you’ll find them in there on a daily basis. It’s a hidden treasure.”

Then The Bluebird “If you want a true, authentic Nashville experience, go to the early bird show at The Bluebird Cafe. Sit in the pew seating because it’s free, and enjoy the show,” says Kortney.

Dinner in 12 South  “I would definitely go to Josephine for dinner. That’s my favourite place in 12 South. The vegetables are served à la carte. I know this sounds crazy, but the carrots are perfect. If you have kids and you want to have an outdoor, casual thing, there’s a place called The Flipside,” Kortney says. “They actually serve poutine!” Dave says, adding, “After, head to The Gulch and Sambuca for drinks.”

Game time  “And in a perfect world I’d go to the Predators game,” Kortney says. “The Nashville Predators, regardless of whether or not you’ve ever been to an NHL game, offer a different experience. I think it’s important to experience hockey southern style. There’s so much energy in the room and it’s all about the fans.” Dave explains: “It’s like a rock show with hockey players.”

Masters of Flip premieres May 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on W Network in Canada

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