The Perfect Day: Saudia Young’s noir rockabilly Berlin

Singer and actor Saudia Young is known for her sassy rock ’n’ roll sound and occasionally knocking back whisky during sets. Dubbed “the best female growler in Germany,” this New York native belts out jazz, dark kabarett and noir rockabilly blues with her “gang of musical bandits” in her adopted city. You’ll want to visit this chick’s Berlin.

Have beer for breakfast
“The Germans say there’s no better way to start the day than with sausage and beer, so I’m taking you to Sauers Café for a traditional Bavarian breakfast of Weißwurst and wheat beer. This sweet little café warms up my left-wing heart because it’s right near the Volksbühne (the People’s Theatre). If sausage isn’t your thing don’t worry, they’ll also whip up some of the best pancakes in town.”

Shop with attitude
“Berlin’s great for shopping, from the luxe to the grunge. Hackescher Markt, the old meat-selling market, is the best place for beautiful, high-end specialty stores like Apartment Berlin. That’s where I go to touch the items I covet before heading over to Das Neue Schwarz (The New Black) instead. This only slightly pricey second-hand and vintage designer store has some serious New York attitude. All the fly fashion girls get rid of their oh-so-trendy last season’s wares there.”

Eat meat for lunch (or not)
“After working up an appetite, head over to Shisho Burger for lunch. This Japanese burger spot has the best buns in the city — on both your plate and the servers. Order the salmon burger and make sure to get the miso mayo and a Japanese beer. If you’re in a veggie frame of mind, pop over to Veganz instead and get anything on the menu — it’s all delicious. Pack a picnic, stroll over to Friedrichschain and take a walk along the waterfront, where you can watch the boats sail by on one side and the squatters making art on the other.”

‘Berlin has great theatre and one of my personal faves is the Monbijouz Theatre near Museum Island. They have amazing open-air plays’

Tango to Shakespeare
“Berlin has great theatre and one of my personal faves is the Monbijouz Theatre near Museum Island. They have amazing open-air plays. Before you check out a show, you can watch (or join!) the outdoor tango classes in the adjoining park or have a glass of wine by the river.”

Find a jewel in a haystack
“When I first moved to Berlin I missed the bustle of New York … and then I found Mauerpark. This famous flea market is home to some seriously talented buskers and hundreds of stalls with everything from absolute crap to fabulous finds. It’s packed with tourists and locals either shopping or taking in the Roman-arena-style karaoke show. Going to Mauerpark is my way of mosh-pitting with humankind.”

Go French for dinner
“Dinner for me is a bag of chips and a beer in my apartment, but you deserve better so grab a table at Themroc. This French restaurant makes things easy by giving you no choice at all — there’s just one entrée per night (with a vegetarian option), great wine, fantastic Crémant and pictures of beat generation legends like Bukowski on the walls. I guarantee the food will be delicious.”

Drink whisky before dawn
“The nightlife in Berlin doesn’t get going until very late, so you’ll want to go to Neu Bar for a drink or four before the main event. It’s a tiny, intimate, vintage-style bar with great DJs and an incredible cocktail menu. My friend Joe bartends there — tell him I sent you.”

Unleash your inner voyeur
“End the day with a peek into the weird and wonderful world of Pinky’s Peep Show at Bassy Cowboy club. Hosted by Trixie Trainwreck, this mix of Burlesque and live rock ’n’ roll is the best party in the city, rivalled only by the Hoochie Koo, DJ Don Rogall’s ’60s inspired go-go jam. If you make it there on the right night, I might even sing for you.” 

Listen to Saudia Young on Soundcloud.


  1. Wow, makes me want to stroll down the strasse and sample the mouthwatering goodies. Who needs New York when Berlin is described like this?

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