Artist David Drebin on travelling with style

Internationally renowned artist David Drebin has been putting on exhibitions around the world — from Berlin to Istanbul, to Sao Paulo and Los Angeles  — for over a decade. The Toronto native currently resides in New York and recently returned home from Art Miami during Art Basel, where he was exhibiting his latest art works at the Contessa Gallery booth: Lips & Love, etchings on glass, and photo sculptures Falling In Love. Wherever he goes, he takes notes on inspiration for future projects, and here he shares some of his travel secrets.

What are your packing tips? “I always travel with a version of my style so it’s not lost while I’m on a trip. I rotate between my hats [the artist] and my glasses [the entrepreneur] and I love my long shirts and black Saint Laurent high-tops.”

What’s your favourite place in the world to photograph? “It’s never the places, but rather the faces. It’s about the people you meet and hopefully the life-enriching experiences along the way. I love photographing breathtaking destinations or places that people always dream about going to, whether a beachfront, city or landscape.”

Do you have any travel essentials? “Water and a portable phone charger.”

What’s your favourite place on Earth? “I love travelling to wherever my mood takes me, which if I had to pick a spot, is typically a warm and dreamy destination like the Amalfi Coast.”

Where are you travelling to next? “Wherever my imagination takes me to next. I do a lot of gallery shows, art fairs, book launches, campaigns and collaborations, so my schedule is fast-paced and always changing as new projects come up all the time.”

Do you have any favourite souvenirs? “It’s always the memories of the experiences and not any material things that I may have acquired.” 

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