Make your bed like a pro: Lessons from Ashford Castle

Ireland’s Ashford Castle was named No. 1 in the world in 2015 by Virtuoso, a network of luxury travel agents, so who better to teach the perfect bed-­making technique than the team from this regal property?

“We would like the guest to feel that they were being invited to have the most comfortable night’s sleep of their life,” says Mary Flannery, Ashford’s executive accommodation manager.

The Castle’s cozy beds can be attributed to down and feathers: Beds are made with a feather and down baffled mattress topper, a feather and down oversized duvet and four pillows — two feather and down and two microfiber. But there’s also skill required. Here, Flannery shares her bed­making secrets.

1 Make sure mattress protectors are the correct size, clean, neat and secured to bed with the elastic corners tucked evenly under the mattress.

2 Start with perfectly pressed sheets. Spread pressed bottom sheet evenly over the bed. Make sure the sheet is left long enough to cover the mattress at the top, bottom and sides.

3 Perfect sheets require perfect hospital corners. Start at the end of the bed and tuck the sheet under the mattress, leaving the sides hanging. Stand beside the bed at the corner and pull back the sheet on the side to create a 45-­degree corner. Smooth the fold, and make sure it’s flush with the top of the mattress. While holding the crease in one hand, tuck the overhanging portion underneath with your other hand. Place hand on the corner of the bed and fold the crease towards you to form a straight vertical line along the corner of the bed. Smooth sheet and tuck the remainder of the sheet underneath the mattress and make sure the line is straight down.

4 Lay top sheet on bed evenly and repeat the step above to create hospital corners. Fold the edge of the top sheet at the top of the bed.

5 Plump duvet and lay it on your perfect sheets. Make sure it lies evenly by using your hands. Tuck duvet under mattress at the bottom of the bed and make hospital corners on both sides.

6 Add a bedspread on top of the duvet. Spread the bedspread evenly and fold back from top of the bed, leaving about a 30­-centimetre gap from the top of the bed — this should leave enough room for pillows to be placed on bed and the comforter to cover the pillows neatly and completely. 

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