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Hunting for lobster at the Four Seasons in Nevis

Work for your dinner: Cooking classes to travel for

Rolling up your sleeves and learning about a locale’s culinary offerings provides a glimpse into its history, cultures and hospitality. From Tennessee to Thailand, we present a collection of some of the coolest cooking classes to plan a trip around.

DR Bar Shanghai

Escape from Shanghai’s madness at DR Bar

Shanghai is a city that never pauses for breath. Street hawkers, shoppers, businessmen on the go-go-dear-god-go: They all converge, bumping into each other at every turn, clogging the city’s streets, creating a human mass of pure frenetic energy. Luckily, DR Bar is the perfect oasis of calm in a zoo of humanity.

Divan Cave House Hotel

Feel like family at Cappadocia’s Divan Cave House

In Turkey’s Nevsehir region, an hour’s flight from Istanbul, lies Cappadocia. Known for its panoramic rock formations, intricate valleys and walking trails, the destination is also a draw for those who love sunrise hot-air balloon rides … or sleeping in a cave.