Built-in bedroom closets in hotels

Everyone dreams of a place in the apartment, where you can rest and gain strength. But sometimes the furniture creates an intrusive atmosphere. Closets in the bedroom choose, guided by the principles of airiness design. The colors should be light and combined with the color of wallpaper and accessories. With this approach, you can create the effect of masking bulky furniture.

Is it worth putting closets in the bedroom?

Many people believe that the amount of furniture in the room to rest should be minimal. But it is better not to give up the benefits, and learn how to intelligently combine styles. From the general line of closets for bedrooms, it is better to choose those that are made of wood materials and respectively colors that are closer to the natural. In this way, you will not feel unnecessary odors, and your eyes will not be distracted by mottled colors.

For a proper rest, nothing should interfere. Imagine that, coming from work, you will see piles of things, dust on the shelves, and scattered toys. A bedroom with a closet solves the problem of rational organization of space. All the “squinting” eye hides behind the closet door. No one and nothing can distract from the long-awaited relaxation.

The closet compartment in a small bedroom

The biggest problem in apartments is storage. For many people, one room can do several functions. It happens that you have to work, have guests, and sleep in the same room. If this is the case, you can’t do without built in bedroom cabinets. This type of product involves the use of reduced built-in mechanisms, doors, and designs that allow you to fit into even a small area. The selection should take into account the architectural subtleties of the individual room.

Built-in closet in the bedroom

Closet - an outlet for those who have a lot of things. Behind the sliding door can hide a whole world of shelves, niches, and rails. Such a closet in the bedroom is ideal for teenagers and young parents. Teenagers will appreciate the opportunity to organize their outfits, and large mirrors will help them feel like a star. Everything from makeup to hair will be perfect.

Those with young children will be thankful for the improvements to their household. Lots of diapers, toys, and clothes will be in one place. Nothing will be lost because it will be at hand. Well, if the furnishing does not allow you to take space for a closet, then buy a corner closet in the bedroom. This design will allow you to squeeze the maximum out of the free space. Parts of the room, not used before, will serve to the fullest extent.

A closet for the bedroom

Choosing L-shaped models, you should contact only the best manufacturers. The project of such furniture should do real professionals of their business. Placing a dubious production closet in the bedroom, you risk later getting warping walls, the arbitrary opening of the door, or the toxicity of materials.

Often, even at the stage of planning and repair of the apartment, its owners provide all kinds of niches for further filling them with practical furniture. Built-in closets are a great solution for those who want to integrate them into the room as much as possible. The main advantage of these cabinets is the possibility of installation even in small spaces while saving useful space.

Built-in cabinets allow you to organize storage space very advantageously, and thanks to the features of the design it is possible to save extra centimeters of useful space to use rationally. A carefully thought-out layout allows you to fit everything you need and arrange it in the most convenient way.

The versatility of built-in cabinets makes them a perfect element of the interior in any room. The most important thing is to choose a design that is in harmony with the interior of the room.

There are many ways to decorate built-in closets, which allows you to choose an individual style for a very wide consumer audience. The external design depends, of course, on the purpose and location of the cabinet in a particular room, because the built-in utility closet in the hallway and the closet in the bedroom are completely different tasks both in terms of their filling and external design. In addition to inexpensive budget facades of mirror and chipboard, we can offer you facades with the application of screen-painting, printing, made of glass labels, as well as all kinds of inserts (bamboo, rattan, MDF, plastic, etc.). With the help of our designers, you can choose a built-in closet for any style of interior. We will create a unique cabinet, which will be not just furniture, but a beautiful decorative element.

The built-in closets we offer are made in an exclusive design, developed especially for our customers. The use of mirrors as a finishing material for the doors allows you to visually expand the space of the room. Applying additional elements of a decor (facet, pattern, executed in the technique of sandblasting, painting, or photo printing) on them allows you to make the mirror facades of the original unique.

Built-in closets for the bedroom

The appeal of a closet is in the practicality of sliding systems, a wide choice of fronts, as well as the ability to manufacture to individual dimensions. Built-in cabinets differ in the absence of body panels, instead, this role is played by the floor, ceiling, and wall niches, to which are attached shelves, rods, and other filling elements. When installing a wardrobe closet uses modern accessories, allowing to securely fasten the details and elements of furniture.

Front design for built-in closets

The style and design of a built-in closet depend on the chosen fronts. We have a wide range of materials for the doors and also offer many options for their design. The front part of the front can be made of chipboard, mirror, or glass. You can decorate a mirrored door with a sandblasted pattern, and a facade made of the mirror with a bronze or graphite tone will look unusual and stylish. Bright accents in the interior will help to make the facades of closets with photomolecular printing. The choice of photos for such a design is diverse. And even if you wish to combine several materials in one facade, this will not be an obstacle to the order.

Types of cabinets for the bedroom

Starting to buy a suitable model, you need to decide on the place where the cabinet will be installed, its size, and the type of door opening. Depending on the purpose of the chiffonier, and the way of placement in the room, there are several varieties.


The frame of the design is attached to the wall, floor, and ceiling, which replaces the sides, bottom, and top lid of the cabinet. Such a model is successfully mounted in a niche, a corner of the room. This solution helps to save space in the bedroom and to hide possible defects in the finishing. Chifforobe length in the entire wall is characterized by capacity.

The only disadvantage is the impossibility to move, raise or rearrange the cabinet. This type of furniture is mounted “for the ages”, so you need to think a hundred times before deciding on the place of placement in the bedroom built-in closet.


The most economical and familiar type for Russians. It consists of a single body or a set of modules. Such a chifforobe is often supplemented by such items as:

  • narrow sections - pencil cases;
  • tables with a TV set;
  • shelves;
  • dressers for linen;
  • truce;
  • mezzanine.

The modules are made in the same design as the closet. The result is a functional furniture composition in a single style. It looks bulkier than the built-in design but costs less. Built-in corner cabinets, built-in corner cabinets with sliding and hinged doors - https://urbanwardrobes.co.uk/services/fitted-corner-wardrobes
This option is optimal for the bedroom-living room when it is necessary to place not only clothes but also a book department, equipment, dishes, and decorative elements inside.

Bedroom set

These cabinets are installed on the sides of the bed, often sold as single furniture sets for the bedroom. In the chiffonier store bed linen, home knitwear, bath towels, and other textiles. Bedside tables place items that are needed during the rest - books, a lamp, glasses, and other small things.
Two closets installed on either side of the bed may be connected by a narrow mezzanine. It is important to take care of the reliability of the attachment so that the structure does not fall on the bed.


Designed exclusively for storing clothes and shoes, take up a lot of space in the room, the height - from floor to ceiling. Some walk-in closets are comparable in size to a pantry. Inside the closet are all kinds of devices for the neat arrangement of things - hangers, shelves, organizers, drawers, holders for ties, and belts.
The filling is thought out for the little things, which makes the wardrobe extremely roomy and makes it easy to find the right thing.

Modern models of built-in closets for the bedroom

The bedroom is an intimate room, here the household relaxes and recuperates after a day of work. It is important that the color, style, and model of the cabinet complemented the overall interior, giving it even more grace and comfort.
When choosing a suitable wardrobe in the bedroom, it is important to pay attention to its capacity, functionality, and aesthetics of appearance. It is desirable that the furniture in the room was performed in the same color and style, all items of the interior in harmony with each other.

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