Hairstyles for Short Transitioning Hair

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Hair becomes one of the important things for women besides their face. Therefore, choosing a hairstyle sometimes can a confusing thing for them. Talking about hair model, there is a lot of hairstyles, but typically hairstyle is divided into three types the short hair, medium, and long. Since a very long time, women tend to have long hair and medium hair rather than short hair. But, these days, having short hair is getting familiar. There are a lot of short hairstyles include hairstyles for short transitioning hair. If you are interested in doing the quick, easy transitioning hairstyles, here are some transitioning hairstyles for beginners.

What is transitioning hair?

Speaking about transitioning hair, some of you may not have known much about this kind of hairstyle. When it comes to transitioning hair, people commonly do the transitioning to natural hair styles. It is an easy process by growing the hair naturally before the damaged over. It is a process of returning your natural hair from the heat-trained or straightened hair. Transitioning to natural hairstyles can be easy or difficult. All of it depends on your treatment to the new growth hair. Getting some hairstyle of the transitioning hair may be difficult at first as well. You may fail at first, or have some pain when doing your hair. But, do not worry! You can get amazing hair if you work hard on it. Therefore, here we give you some hairstyles for short transitioning hair.

8 Easy hairstyles for short transitioning hair

There are a lot of ways in doing hairstyles for short transitioning hair. However, you need to be careful when doing this hairstyle. Not all kind of hairstyles can be applied to your hair. Sometimes you need some experiences too for getting that hairstyle.

  • Bantu Knots

Bantu knot becomes one of the quick, easy transitioning hairstyles. This hairstyle can make you look elegant and stunning. It is a good way in making different hair textures looks amazing.

  • Spiral Braid

If you already experienced in having and styling transitioning hair for about six months or more, this can be applied to your hair. Spiral braid is one of professional transitioning hairstyles. Spiral braid can be worn for both formal and informal, and also when winter comes.

  • Top Bun

The top bun is quick transitioning hairstyles. This adorable and chic hairstyle can make you look girly and also elegant. If you have longer hair, the high bun can be a perfect hairstyle for the everyday look.

  • Braided Updo

Braided updo is perfect for you who have to transition hair at least for a year. It is an efficient style when it comes to transitioning to natural hair.

  • Volume Curls

Having transitioning short hair can be looked awesome with volume curls. All you need is just giving volume when curling your hair. However, if you want to have this kind of hairstyle, make sure to apply some moisturizer to your hair.

  • Soft Twist

Soft twist also can be good if you already had transitioning hair at least for three months or more. It will make your hair relaxed; unlike the updo hairstyles that will give you a lot of tension to your hair. The soft twist is a great style for the short hair so that you will look chic and fun. When having this hairstyle, do not forget to apply some serum, moisturizer, nourishment, or oil for hair.  

  • Double Buns

Do you want to have a fun look with quick transitioning hairstyles? Double buns hairstyle may help you with it! All you need is dividing your hair to the left and right side, making high pigtails, wrapping your hair around, and then securing it using pins or rubber. Add ribbons to make it look more beautiful.

  • Half ponytail

Who said that ponytail only could be applied to straight hair? You also can do this hairstyle but only a half. Half ponytail will make you look feminine and elegant. You can use ribbon or flower pin at the back to make it more beautiful.

8 Tips for Long and Short Transitioning Hair

Having transitioning hair certainly can be a difficult thing sometimes. However, there are some tips that will help you deal with the transitioning hair. Here are seven tips that you need to know in treating transition hair.

  • Avoid using heat

Transition hair is way better if you avoid heating it. This can prevent your hair from damage and dryness.

  • Find the perfect hairstyle

There are a lot of hairstyles that can be used for transition style. Your job is to choose the best style for your hair. This is important because not all transition hairstyles can be applied to your hair.

  • Maintain your scalp’s cleanness

Do not forget to wash your hair and make sure that your scalp is clean.

  • Moisturize your hair

Transition hair sometimes will lead you to dry hair. Therefore, you need the moisturizer to make it soft.

  • Use conditioner and vitamin

Doing some treatment to your hair is important. Make sure to use conditioner and vitamin to your hair. It is because curly hair normally has a few proteins.

  • Sleep using bonnets or scarf

For treating transitioning hair, it will be so much better if you sleep using hoods or scarf for your hair.

  • Have more patient

Due to its difficulty of having transition hair, patience is one of important thing that is needed. Without patient, you are possible of making or keeping a healthy transition hair.

  • Have protein treatment

Curly hairs are dry and have little protein. Therefore, getting protein treatment regularly for hair is important. This will help you in making your hair keep healthy.Those are hairstyle and tips for transitioning hairstyle. Before getting transition hair, make sure to know first what the transitioning hair is and its considerations. Be careful too when choosing your hairstyle. Make sure it is perfect and can be applied to your hair. Having transitioning hair needs more treatments than the normal hair. Therefore you need more patience for it.


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