Wanted: Health boosters from Greenhouse Juice Co.

There’s no getting around jet bloat, even if you’ve resolved to never eat airplane food while flying economy again. The rawest, vegan-est diet still leaves some gas in your stomach and intestines, which then expands thanks to cabin pressure changes. Beyond the bloat, recycled airplane oxygen takes its toll on skin, making it dry and tight. What to do other than suffer through the flight and then make a mad dash to the hotel washroom to remedy the situation(s)?

Imagine my relief, then, when I found a collection of booster shots at Toronto’s Greenhouse Juice Co., all perfectly sized to fit in a carry-on toiletry case. The Raw Aloe booster is a digestive aid: Add it to a 500mL bottle of water and sip it throughout your flight to feel better in the air and when you land. The aloe has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties to soothe you inside and make you shine on the outside.

The Flu Shot contains, among other goodness, Echinacea, reishi and oil of oregano, essential for warding off bugs being spread from those coughing and sneezing around you (and this is what happens when someone sneezes on a plane).

The potent E3 Live contains 64 easily absorbed nutrients and does wonders for mental energy and hydration — down this one to fight jet lag. But be warned, it’s an acquired taste. You’ll want to chase it with a tasty beverage of choice.

Feel better. Fly better. It’s my new motto.

From $2, greenhousejuice.com

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