L’Atlas on the best places for street art and memories as souvenirs

Paris-based (street) artist L’Atlas is always on the move, whether on his home turf looking for inspiration and his next canvas, art show hopping or travelling the globe with companies like Perrier, which he’s recently collaborated with for the Perrier Inspired by Street Art campaign that involved original packaging designs and art pieces.

What’s your favourite place on Earth? “New York! I can’t explain why but I feel an energy from the ground that inspires me. One day I will move and live for a bit in New York, for sure. Actually, I was just there for an extraordinary art installation in Rockefeller Park to celebrate the launch of my designs for Perrier. We’re doing four events around the world, and each one is inspired by a different element. The one in New York was inspired by air, and I used hundreds of balloons to create a temporary piece — light and effervescent, just like bubbles.”

Where are you travelling to next? “I’m going to Mexico City for a big performance with Perrier. This is the largest of [the company’s] four events happening around the world, and the theme of this installation is earth. After Mexico, I’m going to Miami as part of a solo show with Lelia Mordoch Gallery for Art Basel.”

What’s your favourite souvenir of all time? “I don’t know, my life is so full of crazy memories that I cannot choose one moment. When I travel, I love to take time and walk the streets in whatever city I am in, and this inspires my art. You could say that my memories are displayed in my artwork.”

Do you have any packing tips or advice? “No packing tips, but advice for life … Follow your path and don’t believe the ones who are afraid to do things.”

In your opinion, what city in the world has the best public art? “Berlin reminds me of Paris in the ‘80s — it stays wild and you can paint without authorization. I love Berlin! My hometown of Paris is also the home of Perrier, and really informs Perrier’s heritage of overturning convention and embracing creativity and art. I was honoured to reimagine their packaging with my own designs.”

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